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HotDoge The Next Steps

The HotDoge Community

With our recent success in the official Dogechain community grants battle, we have proven ourselves as one of the largest and most engaged communities on Dogechain. This does not mean however that our job is done, we are not happy just settling on Dogechain and hoping the bulls come back. The team wants to spread the good word of Doge and HotDoge to every chain possible. The crypto market is having some positive action and the bullish trends seem to be setting in after the whole FTX debacle has settled down. Now is the time that we should be looking at moving to other chains and becoming cross-chain, gaining new holders, growing our DAO, and transitioning into a fully-fledged DAO.

What does Cross-Chain mean for HotDoge and DogeChain

The HotDoge total supply is 1 Billion (1,000,000,000), currently, all of these tokens are sitting on Dogechain. We will be bridging these tokens to different chains using bridging partners and creating liquidity on a number of decentralised exchanges. The important thing to note is that there will be no new tokens, the supply is 1 Billion and always will be.

Many tokens create whole new supplies on new chains cannibalising their own holder's positions. Who would pay for a token at a 200k mcap on Dogechain when they can sell their bag to buy in early on BSC at a 20k mcap.

We will be using our $HOTODGE tokens on other chains and be making liquidity at the same price as Dogechain, meaning your tokens are worth the same on Dogechain as they are on other chains. The main benefit of this cross-chain mindset is that our tokens are paired with many bluechip tokens like ETH, BNB, MATIC, etc. when the crypto market is back to its ATH our $HOTDOGE tokens will be pulled up in value from this, not to mention the optics of a meme coin being on multiple chains spreading the good word of HotDoge and Doge

Why Did We Choose BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

BSC has a crazy amount of daily volume, at the time of writing (25/01/2023) $231.6m in the last 24 hours in comparison to Dogechain with an average of $200k (You read that right!) We are a meme token, on a meme chain with a strong community and engaged team. On other chains, we would be a multi-million Mcap token but the volume isn't currently on this chain. In our opinion, we have a strong chance of catching some hype and garnering a lot of interest on other chains. with BSC being cheapish gas-wise in comparison to Ethereum, with a high amount of volume. We decided this was the obvious next step.

Wen Cross-Chain?

We don't like to promise dates and not deliver, that is why we haven't given any solid dates as of yet. We are now glad that we can finally give you a date.

WE ARE LIVE!!!!! You can buy $HOTDOGE on PancakeSwap now

You can bridge your Dogechain $HOTDOGE over to BSC using the below bridge with our bridging partner IceCream Swap.

What will it mean for my Fox & the Hound NFTs?

Fox & the Hounds is the NFT collection by HotDoge, they can currently be staked on Dogechain for the $HOTDOGE token. With our move to BSC, these NFTs will be a Dogechain exclusive. Dogechain is our home, it is where we have built our community and our brand. We feel at this time it is only right that they stay on Dogechain and continue to earn our Dogechain holders some rewards and perhaps act as a lure to bring more users over to Dogechain. With our move to BSC there are many options open to us for further development and perhaps future NFT collections but this can be voted on by the community as we grow.

The next phase of HOTDOGE is coming and we cannot wait to start. We have an updated website coming very soon to help inform our cohorts of new users about our team, our beginnings, and how to get our tokens & NFTs.

A massive thank you to IceCreamSwap for all their help with this bridge and we look forward to working together on future projects / Chains !!

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