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HotDoge Whitepaper v1

HotDoge’s Mission and Vision:

The team at HotDoge is aiming to create not just a token but an entire ecosystem on the DogeChain, using tools such as our DAO fund to drive buys and support price stability, NFTs with several different use cases (one being competitive APRs), manual burns to make our token completely deflationary, build a strong community across the whole DogeChain the list goes on!!

Our true goal is to build something fun and exciting whilst building a great investment platform where all of our community can benefit.

We want to grow, make new friends and partnerships, make silly memes, funny merchandise, games and more whilst in the background the ecosystem will continually grow ever improving the price of HOTDOGE.

Tokenomics for $HotDoge:

$HOTDOGE itself is the core of our whole ecosystem, as we build more DAPPs everything will always feedback into creating value for $HOTDOGE.

$HOTDOGE itself is deployed on the DogeChain, created using solidity ^0.8.16; and is EVM compatible.

We have a max supply of 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) With a buy and sell tax of 10%.

The taxes are broken down as follows:

  • 3% Community Reflections

  • 4% Marketing and Development

  • 3% Auto Liquidity — HOTDAO funding

Community Reflections:

3% of every transaction is redistributed between all holders of $HOTDOGE, based upon how much you hold. The more you hold a larger share you’ll receive.

Marketing and Development / Manual Burns:

4% of every transaction is used for our marketing fund or DAPP development fund. As we hold AMAs, build partnerships and host giveaways the $HOTDOGE tokens come from this tax. We can also use these funds to pay for further developments as we grow. Also should we gather a large amount of tokens in this wallet we conduct manual burns to make our total supply deflationary.

Auto Liquidity:

We have a liquidity threshold built into our contract, should our liquidity value drop below 15% of our marketcap, the contract will automatically activate and begin forming more liquidity using the 3% tax.

If we have more than 15% liquidity this 3% tax will directly feed the HOTDAO. This ensures we never have too much liquidity and we have investment support from our tax.

HOTDAO Wallet address:

Major Wallet Holdings:

20% Total Supply held for future DEX listings :

We plan to expand on to more DEX/CEXs as DogeChain grows, so we have the tokens ready to do this.

10% NFT Staking :

Our NFTs will be a key feature in our ecosystem providing liquidity to our DAO fund. We have set aside 10% of our total supply ready for our staking DAPP, to ensure our upcoming NFTs have fantastic APRs.


“What is a DAO fund?”

A DAO initially raises capital by trading fiat for its native token. This native token represents voting power and ownership proportion across members. If a DAO is successful, the value of the native token will increase. The DAO can then issue future tokens at a greater value to raise more capital.

Our HOTDAO is essentially the machine that will keep our whole ecosystem growing. This is what will make our whole project sustainable through any bear market. We feed the DAO all of our profit streams mainly taxes and NFTs to begin with. We’ll then invest the DAO in farms/vaults/presales anything we can to increase the value of the DAO. As the DAO grows so does the buying power. We can then use the DAO to buyback and burn $HOTDOGE making the token hyper deflationary, we can also sweep the floor of our NFT collection also increasing their value.

We will conduct HOTDAO voting so as a community we can vote on where to invest, based upon a holding to vote number system. The more $HOTDOGE you own the more your vote is worth!

HOTDAO Wallet Address:

Launch Details:

We held a presale with GemPad starting on the 25th of September with a launch date of Thursday 29th September and hit our 100,000 DOGE hard cap within 36 hours.

We didn’t want to have a huge presale and have your typical pump and dump launch so we restricted our buyers wallets to a max wallet of 4000 DOGE.


  • Presale: 2500 $HOTDOGE per 1 DOGE

  • Launch: 2300 $HOTDOGE per 1 DOGE


We launched our liquidity at YODESWAP

The liquidity we provided was locked for 365 days.

Token Allocation For Presale



Mani is an extremely talented NFT Artist & Media Designer whose first commision was on the Cronos chain with the "Pirates of the Cronosphere". You will see alot more of his designs as the project progresses.


My crypto journey began in March 2020, moving into DeFi a few months later, firstly as an investor on BSC and then as a project/community manager on a successful protocol on the Cronos chain in early 2022. Building solid partners in the DeFi space along the way, DogeChain stands out as somewhere to be part of a great community.


I started my crypto journey around 2017/2018 with many ups and downs. I eventually joined a few teams of well known tokens working my way up from marketing to helping manage projects. I pride myself in constantly creating value and building strong communities $HOTDOGE is my home


Wardy has been a solid part of many Cronos projects and communities and has worked to build relationships here on Dogechain Also. Wardy knows how to build a strong and engaged community, HOTDOGE is now his priority.

Social Media & Links:

Website NFT DAPP





How To Get Onboard:

Follow the instructions at in order to add the DogeChain RPC, bridge $DOGE and purchase $HOTDOGE on DogeChain. Mint some of our "Fox & The Hounds" NFTs and then stake them on our dapp

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