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Welcome to Fox & The Hounds

The Fox and the Hounds is a unique collection of 5,000 NFTs across the Doge Blockchain, generated from over 100 hand-drawn traits. The community led project supports the HotDoge Token incorporating staking utility and financial opportunity via the HotDao Fund for all holders.

Release the Hounds and join the largest Fox hunt on Dogechain

There is a bounty for each Fox, don't forget to claim it!

  • Mint an NFT with a Fox trait (Only 150) and get a free hound NFT as your reward

  • Notify the devs in the Hotdoge Telegram to collect your reward.

NFT Staking

  • Every Fox & the Hound NFT can currently be staked for $HOTDOGE on our DogeChain dApp

Important Links

Use the following links in order to mint, stake and view your NFT's. You can also check your rarity

Rank 1.png

Minting & Staking DAPP

This Dapp was created in order to mint our collection and to enable users to stake ther NFTs for our $HOTDOGE token


NFT Rarity

Use this website to determine the overall rank of your Fox & The Hounds NFT's

NFT Marketplaces



The first NFT marketplace on Dogechain with royalties and native staking pools for added NFT revenue



Mantra is an open peer-to-peer NFT marketplace where everyone can become a borrower, lender or seller. Currently in SmartBCH and Dogechain.



The pixelest NFT Marketplace you could imagine 

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