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Track The DAO 

Wallet: 0x9E407DaB6B2faeD029e2a6D32234be5f5FF58c22

What is the HotDAO

We want the HOTDAO to be an investment fund that we use to support the entire $HOTDOGE ecosystem. Whilst growing as a project we can use money gathered (e.g. NFT revenue and taxes) and we can invest that money into farms/vaults/projects/NFTs anything which can add value to HOTDOGE in the longterm. 

In current market conditions its safest to invest in pretty much stable farms, earn a daily APR which we then use to either Buy $HOTDOGE, buy NFTs, Increase the HOTDAO fund itself. The larger this becomes the stronger it is, essentially a giant whale giving our entire ecosystem backing. 

We will conduct HOTDAO votes on certain investments, a rough example could be that if this bear market should continue and ETH drops to 500 dollars, as a community we might vote to use 20% of our HOTDAO fund to buy ETH, on the hope it goes up in value. We can then vote to sell and increase the HOTDAO fund, buy more tokens with profits so on and so forth. 

When a DAO fund is used correctly it's an incredibly valuable tool. It can also be used to support smaller projects on the chain and place HOTDOGE as a big leader in the community

Sometimes, LP farms arent tracked on so access the DAO wallet on the Dogechain Explorer using the below link

DAO Partners

A list of projects we have invested in using the HotDAO or NFT projects that we have purchased and entered into the DAO



We have decided to support RDP and we have entered multiple into our DAO


Doge Bears

We Hold over 200 Dogebears NFT's in support of their project and our partnership.

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Coming Soon

Projects coming soon

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