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BSC Listings/Partners

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Step 1:
Wallet Setup


Setup RPC:

In order to access the BSC chain you will need to add the following network to your metamask app. For more info and detailed steps read this Binance Guide

Note: In MetaMask, this RPC should already be available from the Network dropdown

1 / Connect Wallet to bridge

  • Go to:

  •  Connect Wallet (Switch RPC to desired from chain)

  • Click Metamask (or your favourite wallet)

  • Click "Connect" 

2 / From Token
  • Specify which token you want to send to BSC, We would recommend stablecoins for ease

  • select "BNB Chain Mainnet" as the To chain

  • Enter the amount you want to send, approve the coin / token and press send then confirm the transaction in your wallet

  • NOTE: when bridging funds you will need BNB for gas on the BSC side

Step 2:
Bridge funds  to BSC


Step 3:


1 / Go To PancakeSwap

1 / BBQ

  • Use our Integrated swap below supplied by Volt Inu

1 / IceCreamSwap Wiki

  • Our friends at IceCreamSwap habe helpfully created a full wiki and how to guide for the use of their bridge. please read through this before bridging if you do not feel comfortable. 


  • If you experience any issues or need support please join their Telegram Group

2/ Bridge


  • This bridge can also be used to bridge some tokens to BSC depending on the amount of funds, the team have personally used this bridge to move tokens to BSC & CORE

Bridge Your Dogechain  $HotDoge  to BSC

Screenshot 2023-02-07 232852.jpg

Use this integrated swap on BSC to burn 0.25% of the $HOTDOGE on every transaction.

🌭 Throw those HOTDOGE on the Barbie 🌭

Swap provided by the awesome project Volt Inu


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