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What Is Hotdoge?

HotDoge began as a group of friends and crypto enthusiasts trying to build a new DOGE-loving community on the newest DOGE-powered meme chain. We have quickly become one of the largest projects on Dogechain, recently making it to the final 2 of the Dogechain Twitter battle of the grants. 

We are the first project on Dogechain to go to multiple chains using the same supply, meaning using arbitration, buys on one chain will raise the price on another. Our first foray into multiple chains will be our recent launch on BSC.

Our updated roadmap shows how far the project has come in a very short time, we currently have an ever-growing DAO, NFTs being minted daily, and a vibrant community who believe in HotDoge. 

HotDoge Team

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Roadmap v2

Hotdoge Roadmap V6.png
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